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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cute Kitchen Apron

Be a fashionista in your kitchen!!!
Check out Sugarchocs' Handmade Apron line
Guess what girls you might be lucky to have one for your own :)
Email me if you need to ask anything. Would love to hear from you girls.

{ 4 } NEW Strawberry Apron *Owner Needed

Made From Good quality Japanese Cotton
Two front pockets.
Front Purple + Yellow accesorised buttons

{ 3 } Cila's Mushroom Apron
*Sorry Taken Girls

{ 2 } Zura's Pink Bloom Apron
*Sorry Taken Girls

{ 1 } Ayu's Double Cupckaes Apron
*Sorry Taken Girls


ct_cucubi said...

Awak... apron ni sgt cute... betol.. ikhlas...mmm awak dah sampai mana belajar menjahit?

SugarChocs said...

hehehe....thanx kerol...

erm....saye baru nak masuk module baju kebaya. tapi sekarang ni asik ponteng je...actually mcm fed-up jugak la....thier machine tu tak well maintain..jahitan tak cantik sangat.... ;p

Wife and Her Daily Notes said...

comel nyerr zura nyerr apron....mak jeles nyah!

SugarChocs said...

ko punye pun cute jugak kan?
nak lagi ke? nnt bole suruh aku jait lagi.... ;p

SugarChocs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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